Museum Board of the City of Huntsville

Museum Board Members dedicate time, thought, energy and financial support towards the viability support of the visual arts. Present Board members are inheritors of a cultural tradition for which their predecessors have worked unselfishly and tirelessly over the years and they continue to perpetuate those efforts. New Board members are singled out as persons most capable of bringing the arts to the many thousands of people of all ages in the city and region. Members of the Board work diligently on committees assigned by the Board Chair / Executive Director.


Museum Board of Directors:

Chair: David Nast
Vice-Chair: Charlie Bonner
Secretary: Steve Thornton
Treasurer: Wendy Yang

John Allen
Sarah Gessler
Joyce Griffin
Patsy Haws
Carole Jones
Betsy Lowe
Virginia Rice
Calame Sammons
John Wynn

Ex-Officio Members:

Christopher Madkour, Executive Director
Hank Isenberg, Foundation Board President
Amy Goddard, Guild President
Samantha Thompson, Gala Chair
Carla Auchterlonie, Docent Chair
Kathi Tew, Collections Committee Vice Chair


Board of Trustees: Emeritus

Peter B. Barber
Dr. Danny E. Blanchard
Richard Crunkleton
Tod (Walter) A. Dodgen
John E. Irby
Steve Johnson
L. Tennent Lee, III
D. Scott McLain
Dianne Reynolds
Ann C. Spearman
Herman Stubbs
Middie Thompson