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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Five – Day Intensive Drawing Class
Monday – Friday, September 23 – 27, 2019
9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Fee: $1,600 for members or non-members

This intensive class is designed for individuals with little or no prior drawing training and perhaps believe that learning to draw well is only possible for those lucky people with “inborn talent”. However, it has been proven that the global skill of drawing any perceived object, person or place requires five basic component perceptual skills. These skills are the perception of edges, spaces, relationships, lights and shadows, and the whole or gestalt. Global or whole skills, such as reading, driving and drawing, in time become automatic with the integration of the component skills. Instruction by Brian Bomeisler, Dr. Betty Edwards’ son. Each day begins with a lecture on one of the five skills required. After lectures, students participate in drawing exercises, with Brian’s instruction, through the day. The day will end with a critique of the day’s session.

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