Images of the Great War: The European Offenses, 1914-16 from the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection

Huth, Boeing, Salmon, and Haws Galleries
August 9 – November 15, 2015

The Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection at Brown University is the nation’s foremost graphic and documentary resource of soldiers and soldiering, and one of the world’s largest collections devoted to the study of military uniforms. This exhibition of original artworks commemorates the centenary of World War I, presenting 44 prints, drawings and watercolors by various artists depicting aspects of the first two years of the War. The visual material will be supplemented with associated historical artifacts borrowed from local military collections. A second exhibition, documenting the final two years of the war, will be presented in 2017. Organized by HMA and the John Hay Library, Brown University, Providence, RI.