Membership FAQs 2021-03-26T18:49:50+00:00
What are the different kinds of membership? 2021-03-26T18:52:21+00:00

We have 10 different membership levels: Individual, Student, Dual, Family, Contributor, Friend, Ambassador, Patron, Benefactor, and Artists’ Circle.

What are the benefits of membership? 2021-03-12T19:57:36+00:00

Joining the Huntsville Museum of Art family as a Member is your pass to everything the Museum has to offer, such as:

  • Free general admission to all exhibitions
  • Invitations to member-exclusive events
  • Discounts on Museum Academy classes
  • 10% discount in the Museum Store
  • Membership in Southeastern Reciprocal Museum Program
  • Membership in North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association
  • A subscription to ArtViews newsletter
  • Discounts on Museum publications
What should I do if I have any changes to my contact information, membership level, or credit card information? 2021-03-26T18:52:51+00:00

There are two ways you can update your telephone number, email address, mailing address, family member names, membership level, or credit card information:

  • Return the section of the auto renewal notification letter to the museum via US mail.
  • Contact Camille Sommer via telephone at (256) 535-4350 or via email at [email protected] to communicate any changes.
What is auto renewal of membership? 2021-03-26T18:53:42+00:00

It is the option that HMA gives members to set membership renewal payment on autopilot, or auto renewal, on an annual basis.

How do I set up auto renewal of membership? 2021-03-26T18:53:36+00:00

All auto renewals will be maintained through Donor Point, HMA’s online payment system. There are four ways to set up auto renewal:

  • Online at the HMA website: New and renewing members can establish auto renewal on their own by selecting the “Automatically Renew This Membership” option when paying for the membership.
  • At Guest Services at HMA: Any Guest Services member can set up the auto renewal option for you when you visit the museum.
  • Via telephone: Contact the museum at (256) 535-4350, and our Guest Services or Membership staff can set up the auto renewal option for you.
  • Via mail: Select the auto renewal option on the back of the membership renewal form that you receive in the mail. Fill in the credit card information, and we will set up the autorenewal option for you.
May I switch to auto renewal after I renewed my membership? 2021-03-26T18:52:12+00:00

Yes. Contact Camille Sommer via telephone at (256) 535-4350 or by email at [email protected] to coordinate a mid-year change to auto renewal.

Will I be informed of my next renewal? 2021-03-26T18:53:28+00:00

Yes. HMA will send a notice to you via email and/or via US mail one month prior to the membership expiration date.

When will my credit card be charged for the next renewal? 2021-03-26T18:53:20+00:00

We will process the payment on the 15th day of the month in which the membership expires. For example, if your membership expires December 31, we will process your membership renewal on December 15.

For auto renewal, what happens if I forget to update my credit card information? 2021-03-26T18:52:43+00:00

If your previous credit card has expired or the account has been cancelled, you will receive a “failure to process” message via email. The message will contain a link for you to follow where you can update this information.

If I choose auto renewal, what will my new membership expiration date be? 2021-03-26T18:53:10+00:00

Your new expiration date will be the last day of the month when the membership is renewed. For example, if we process your auto renewal on December 15, your new expiration date will be December 31 of the following year.