Peace, Love, Rock & Roll: Elliot Landy’s Vision of Woodstock – Sponsorships

Peace, Love, Rock & Roll: Elliott Landy’s Vision of Woodstock July 21 - October 16, 2019 Photographer Elliott Landy has his finger on the pulse of the Woodstock generation. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, Peace, Love, Rock & Roll captures and preserves Landy’s vision of that influential event. Through [...]

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Alphonse Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau – Sponsorships

Alphonse Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau March 24 - June 23, 2019 The gorgeous Art Nouveau designs of Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) are featured in this acclaimed exhibition drawn from one of the finest private collections of the artist’s work in the United States. Alphonse Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau features 75 works [...]

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Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Museum – Sponsorships

Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Collection October 20, 2018 - January 13, 2019 A celebration of beauty, Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Collection features more than 60 objects, spanning over 30 years of Tiffany’s prolific career. One of America’s most renowned artists, Louis Comfort Tiffany worked in [...]

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YAM: Youth Art Month – Sponsorships

YAM 2019:  Exhibition for Youth Art Month March 10 - April 28, 2019 Youth Art Month is observed nationally each March to emphasize the value of art education for children and to encourage public support for quality school art programs. It is hosted each year in Huntsville by The Huntsville Museum of [...]

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Vietnam: The Real War – Sponsorships

Vietnam: The Real War Photographs from the Associated Press March 25 - July 8, 2018 To cover the Vietnam War, The Associated Press gathered an extraordinary group of superb photojournalists in its Saigon bureau, creating one of the greatest photographic legacies of the 20th century. From Malcolm Browne’s photograph of the burning [...]

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American Impressionist Art from the Thomas Clark Collection – Sponsorships

July 29 - September 23, 2018 One of the finest private holdings of American impressionist art in upstate New York, the Thomas Clark Collection is a testament to the enduring legacy of Impressionist painting in American art. The collection emphasizes representative examples from the last great generation of artists who emerged both during [...]

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