Encounters: John Cleaveland, Jr.

Encounters: John Cleaveland, Jr.

Grisham Gallery

December 11, 2022 – March 12, 2023

John Cleaveland, Jr., Thread of Light, Okenfenokee Swamp, GA, 2020, oil on panel

The latest exhibition in this long-standing showcase for outstanding regional contemporary art focuses on recent works by this critically-acclaimed realist artist who lives and works in rural Georgia. Known for his breathtakingly expansive oil paintings, John Cleaveland, Jr. offers viewers a timeless glimpse into iconic Southern scenes as well as vast pastoral expanses of the United States and Europe. The artist enjoys conveying perspective and qualities of light in remarkable detail — allowing for total immersion in his works. Standing in front of one of Cleaveland’s large-scale oil paintings, you may feel as if you could walk right into the landscape before you. Organized by HMA.

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