WE THE PEOPLE: Portraits of Veterans in America by Mary Whyte

WE THE PEOPLE: Portraits of Veterans in America by Mary Whyte Huth, Boeing, Salmon & Haws Galleries June 27 – September 26, 2021  Lecture & Preview Reception: Friday, June 25, 6 - 8:30 pm In 2010, American artist, author and teacher Mary Whyte set out on a mission to paint fifty large-scale watercolor portraits of [...]

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Encounters: Althea Murphy-Price

Encounters: Althea Murphy-Price Grisham Gallery January 17 – May 23, 2021 Althea Murphy-Price, Goody Girl No. 3, 2018, giclée print, 36 x 26 in. Presented by the Museum's Black History Month Committee Althea Murphy-Price, Play, 2016, lithograph, screenprint, collage, 30 x 22.5 in. The accomplished works of this mid-career printmaker [...]

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Encounters: Greely Myatt

Encounters: Greely Myatt Grisham Gallery June 6 – August 29, 2021  Presentation, 2 pm, Sunday, June 6 Access to opening presentation included with admission.  Greely Myatt, The Gang, 2019, wood, stone, metal, 30 x 132 x 11 in. Greely Myatt, Mark, 2017, steel, pine, air, 120 x 144 x 36 in. [...]

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Impressionist Landscapes from the Sellars Collection

Impressionist Landscapes from the Sellars Collection Chan Gallery January 31 – July 11, 2021 Charlotte Buell Coman, Quaker Hill, circa 1890, oil on canvas, 27.75 x 27.5 in. With the acquisition of the Sellars Collection of Art by American Women in 2008, an important holding of paintings, drawings and sculptures was added to [...]

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Jack Mitchell: Artists

Jack Mitchell: Artists Adtran, Jurenko & Thurber Galleries May 16 – August 8, 2021 American photographer Jack Mitchell (1925-2013) was renowned for his captivating photographs of visual artists, film and theater personalities, musicians, and writers, which he documented during a remarkable career that spanned over five decades. In addition to 25 years of special [...]

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Huntsville Photographic Society: 2021 Members’ Showcase

Huntsville Photographic Society: 2021 Members’ Showcase Guild Gallery May 16 – August 8, 2021 C.T. Chi, Paint by Rainbow, light painting studio shot, f/8, 23sec, ISO200, rear curtain flash Charles Gattis, Drops Keep Falling, April 14, 2021, Water Drop Photography: Canon 5D mk iv, Color Space RGB, 100mm macro lens, [...]

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Will Henry Stevens: Naturalist/Modernist

Will Henry Stevens: Naturalist/Modernist Huth, Boeing & Salmon Galleries February 7 – April 25, 2021 Will Henry Stevens, Untitled, pastel on paper, 18 x 22 in. Lent courtesy of Blue Spiral 1, Asheville, NC. This exhibition presents the work of American artist Will Henry Stevens (1881-1949), a lifelong naturalist and important modernist [...]

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YAM 2021: Exhibition for Youth Art Month

YAM 2021: Exhibition for Youth Art Month Adtran, Jurenko, Thurber, and Guild Galleries March 14 – May 2, 2021 This exhibition is an annual gathering of exuberant works of art by North Alabama K-12 students, organized in observance of Youth Art Month. It is accompanied by the Juried Art Teachers’ Biennial, Congressional Art Competition, [...]

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2021 Gala Art Exhibition

2021 Gala Art Exhibition Huth, Boeing, Salmon and Haws Galleries May 8 – June 12, 2021 (Featured Artist on view April 10 – June 12) Luncheon: Tuesday, June 8 | Dinner: Thursday, June 10 | Cocktail Party: Saturday, June 12 Midnight at the Huntsville Museum, 8 x 8”, oil on linen This [...]

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The World of Frida

The World of Frida Adtran, Jurenko, Thurber & Guild Galleries December 13, 2020 – February 28, 2021 Katie McCann, Frida's Red, 2018, collage, 15 x 12 in. The World of Frida celebrates the culture, style, and persona of visionary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), an artist who continues to inspire with her [...]

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