Peter J. Baldaia Art Purchase Campaign

As Director of Curatorial Affairs, Peter Baldaia has been instrumental in shaping the artistic direction of the Museum and making us the world-class museum that we are today. On behalf of the Board of Trustees and Staff, please join us in honoring Peter’s retirement and showing our gratitude for his 27 years of dedicated service to the Huntsville Museum of Art. We have begun the Peter J. Baldaia Art Purchase Campaign to show our gratitude for Peter that will last in perpetuity. We look forward to raising $100,000 to purchase a piece of artwork for the Museum’s permanent collection in his name. We could not think of a more fitting way to honor Peter than adding to our extraordinary collection at the Museum that he helped create.

“My heartfelt thank you for assisting us in the purchasing of artwork for our collection, where Peter’s legacy will forever remain.” — Christopher J. Madkour, Executive Director and Alice Chang, Campaign Chair

About Peter:

Peter J. Baldaia has been a pivotal figure at the Museum for over 27 years. As Director of Curatorial Affairs, he has been instrumental in shaping the artistic direction of the Museum. His skill, adaptability, and vision have contributed greatly to the success that the Huntsville Museum of Art enjoys today. I have been fortunate to be present during most of that time, to bear witness to each of the incredibly unique exhibitions, insightful discussions, and ultimately fleeting experiences that make viewing art in person so powerful.

Peter arrived in Huntsville in February of 1994, coming from the frozen plains of the Midwest to a land where daffodils bloom on Valentine’s Day. Being an avid gardener, he was instantly hooked. At the time, the Museum was in a side wing of the Von Braun Center but had plans to build a new, free-standing facility in beautiful Big Spring Park. There was much potential in the young Huntsville Museum of Art. The Museum was fortunate enough to find the right person to unlock that potential in Peter J. Baldaia.

Over the last quarter-century, the Museum has seen its share of changes and challenges. During that time, Peter has been a steady, reliable influence. Through his personal example and leadership, he set a tone that was both professional yet relaxed; that demanded the highest levels of commitment to all tasks great or small; that recognized and fostered creativity, ingenuity, and talent; and garnered the respect and admiration of those around him.

In early June, Peter and his equally amazing and lovely wife, Susan, moved to sunny Naples to be closer to family, the beckoning white sands of the Florida beaches, and eventually ease into retirement. But even in “retirement,” Peter is committed to the Museum. He will be working remotely until a successor can be found to take the position of Director of Curatorial Affairs, thus ensuring continuity and stability during this transition.

During his time as Director of Curatorial Affairs, Peter J. Baldaia has worked diligently to bring the best of the creative spirit to the forefront of our audience’s consciousness, and in doing so, he has succeeded in bringing something intangible yet so essential into their lives through the medium of art.

I think I can speak for many when I say, “Bravo!” and “Thank you.”

David J. Reyes, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections

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