With the opening of the exclusive sci-fi and fantasy exhibition, Donato Giancola: Adventures in Imagination, the Museum Store has acquired many items that are perfect gifts for the geeks and nerds of the Rocket City. Read this gift guide to learn more.

Gadgets and Activities

multiple Speks magnetic ballsthree different wind-up critters

Do you know a habitual fidgeter? Keep them occupied and entertained with magnetic balls and wind-up critters. These gadgets are great stress relievers and a fun source of creative inspiration. Find them in all shapes, colors and sizes at the Museum Store this holiday season.

three kids' books

It might be cliché, but books are great gifts for geeks of all ages. The Museum Store carries inspirational books for kids, like 100 First Words for Little Geeks or 100 First Words for Little Geniuses. For adults, learn about the fantastical stories that influenced The Lord of the Rings in Tales Before Tolkien or read imaginative essays about nerd culture in Geek Wisdom. Whatever your reading level, there is a book for you at the Museum Store!

a game of thrones notebook, a blue geometric pencil holder, two pencils and a gadget pena 50 year calendar on the left and a mini magnifying glass on the right

For those who love their tools, try a 7-in-1 pen, a mini magnifying glass, or a 50-year calendar that doubles as a paper weight. All of these gadgety devices look great on a desk. Consider pairing them with a fantasy-themed notebook or a geometric pencil holder.

Geeky Accessories

Express yourself with these themed pins, ornaments, keychains and magnets. Are you a Star Wars fan or a bookwork? Check out the variety of galactic pins. Are you a Rocket City native? Pick up a space-themed felt ornament, woven keychains or magnets. These little accessories come in all sorts of designs

For a lot of Huntsvillians, sometimes it actually is rocket science! Pick between these two ironic designs in the form of a tote bag or zipper pouch. It wouldn’t be a Museum Store without tote bags!