The Museum Store at the Huntsville Museum of Art is the perfect place to complete your holiday shopping. This season, shopping local is key. The Museum Store stocks products from a number of small and sustainable businesses.

The first installment of this year’s holiday gift guide focuses on gifts that cost $20 or less. Cross several names off your list without breaking the bank, while still finding unique gifts they will love.

Shop ethically and sustainably.

Get your daily coffee fix while supporting the women of Alabama. Prodigal Pottery works to employ, equip and empower women in need. These products are handmade by Birmingham-area women recovering from homelessness and abuse. Gift one of these inspirational mugs to a loved one knowing you are helping others in your community.

These felted soaps are a bar of soap and a washcloth all-in-one! They are handmade in small batches of natural ingredients and come in a range of scents, from warm and comforting to fresh and energizing. The felted wool acts as a wicking agent, soaking in the lather of the soap so that it lasts longer. The soap lasts at least six months, and then the casing can be reused by cutting a slit along the edge and replacing the bar of soap.

Get cozy.

zkano socks come in all sorts of colors and patterns. zkano is based in Fort Payne, Alabama. Their products are made from organic cotton that is grown, spun and dyed here in the United States. These socks are comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly. Keep your toes warm in the winter with a pair of socks from zkano.

Fill your room with a cozy, seasonal aroma with candles from the Museum Store. Illume candles come in a few different, festive scents for you to enjoy. Each one comes in a variety of sizes, as well as a diffuser if you prefer not to burn a candle.

The South Candle is based locally in Alabama. They offer regional and seasonal fragrances. The Museum Store carries many sizes of these handpoured candles, but the mini size is the perfect stocking stuffer! Whether you prefer warm, musky or floral aromas, there is a candle for you at the Museum Store.

Cuddle up with a new, plush friend! These dolls are the perfect companion for your little ones. From ballerinas to princes and princesses, there is something for everyone. They come in all colors and sizes, and the Museum Store even carries animal dolls as well.

Accessorize colorfully and meaningfully.

Keep your mask in place this winter season with a mask necklace. These colorful and cute accessories clip on to your mask to keep it in place around your neck, but can also be worn on their own. Multitask by looking cute and staying safe. Pick one up at the Museum Store today!

Add some fun to your holiday decorations with these wool ornaments. Each one is handcrafted so no two ornaments are alike. Find the perfect color combination to give as a gift or to add to your tree.

Give someone you love a bracelet that defines them. These Morse code bracelets are handcrafted by women in Thailand as they transition to a new life. Embody a meaningful value or idea every day as you wear it. Find one that perfectly describes the person you are shopping for and give them a gift that shows how much they inspire you!