Welcome, spring! In the spirit of the new season, the Museum Store is refreshing its stock with exciting new products. Read along for a highlight of the featured items this spring.

Green Thumbs

Add these unique decorations to your houseplants or bouquets! Attach the animals to the stems of your plants, stick the brass blooms into your pot, or give your thriving houseplant an award for its success. All of these accessories are water resistant, so you can enjoy them without worrying about damage.

This ceramic vase is perfect for the book lovers out there. The rectangular vase is designed to resemble a book entitled A Compendium of Flowers, illustrated with red and gold foil flowers and hollowed out to hold a beautiful bouquet. Show off your personality as you brighten up a room with spring flowers in this vase.

Give your houseplants a new home with these felt planters! The planters are hand-felted and the perfect size for small potted plants. The wool material allows excess water to drain before drying on its own. Choose between solid colors or adorable animal designs at the Museum Store.

Bold Accessories

You can always count on the Museum Store to have stunning jewelry at all price points! Now that spring is here, find many colorful options sprinkled throughout the jewelry displays. Liven up your outfit with rainbow tassel earrings, textile studs, handstitched necklaces, and more. Not only are they beautiful pieces, but many of the jewelry lines at the Museum Store are also artisanal and sustainable.

The Shebobo bags are back in bold patterns! From a woven rainbow to color-blocked polka dots, these bags are the essence of spring. Choose between different sizes and patterns to start fresh this season.

Fun socks are always a staple at the Museum Store and are favorites of our guests. The store carries a variety of brands in different materials, thicknesses and heights, and now they are all available in brighter and fresher designs for the season.

Seasonal Activities

Stock up on greeting cards for all of the upcoming holidays and life events! With the spring season comes graduation, Mother’s Day, wedding season, and many more reasons to celebrate. The Museum Store has beautiful cards for every situation.

Jigsaw puzzles are a common hobby and a great activity to complete indoors during the inevitable April showers. The Museum Store has a wide variety of puzzles, both in size and theme, but these floral ones are perfect for the spring season. Select a new puzzle during your next visit!

Is there anything more indicative of spring than a floral pattern? These stationery items come in a variety of rich and colorful designs. From left to right in the images above, there are pencils, pens, hand-embroidered notebooks, notecards, and sets of smaller notebooks in the Liberty floral stationery section of the Museum Store. Whether for work or personal use, these items will come in handy this season!