Happy wedding reception week to Scarlett and Michael! As part of our countdown to their celebration this weekend, we are sharing their story.

The first spark:

How did you meet?

The couple matched online through Facebook dating while Scarlett was in Disney World and Michael was in Huntsville. They spent a week getting to know each other through messaging and phone calls before meeting in person for the first time in Big Spring Park. It became their daily spot to meet up and is the site of many special memories.

The adventure begins:

How did the proposal happen?

Scarlett had accidentally spoiled a possible proposal a few months earlier, so there was a lot of planning this time to keep it secret. On Halloween, Scarlett’s favorite holiday, Michael proposed to Scarlett in Big Spring Park with a pumpkin ring box he had 3-D printed. A group of cheerleaders were also in the park, relaxing after a competition, and they began chanting, “She said yes!” It was a moment straight out of a movie.

Plans are made:

Why did you choose the Huntsville Museum of Art for your wedding event?

They chose the Museum because it’s the heart of Big Spring Park. They met and fell in love in the park, and still spend quality time together there.

A moment to last a lifetime:

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

There was a lot of uncertainty in the future, but Michael and Scarlett knew they wanted to venture into the unknown together. In December of 2020, the couple planned a secret ceremony in the Great Smoky Mountains, and on January 2, 2021, they became The Cochrans. They even went to Disney for their honeymoon, fulfilling their dream to travel there together from when they first started dating. They decided to have a celebration with friends and family once it was safer, which brings them back to Big Spring Park. Scarlett and Michael are excited to bring their story full circle and celebrate with their loved ones.

a collage of 6 images of Scarlett and Michael, including their elopement, plane ride to their honeymoon, on the beach, canoeing, and their proposal

Meet the dream team:

Bakery & Caterer – Chefs On Call
Music –  Disc Jockeys Now
Photography – Brandy & Jeremiah Allen
Videography – Brandy & Jeremiah Allen
Makeup – Catherine Daniel Bickel
Hair – Susan Mitchell
Wedding Dress – Flora and Lane
DJ – Disc Jockeys Now
Décor – DIY
Invitations – Happy Paper Moments

The Huntsville Museum of Art has multiple spaces available to help make your big day a special one. We want you to have a perfect day that you will remember forever. Contact our Director of Special Events to start planning your happily ever after!