School is out and the community is under a heat advisory, which means summer has arrived. The Museum Store is ready to help you out during this season of traveling and attempting to stay cool. Read along for a highlight of the featured items this summer.

Be Travel Ready

Planning a road trip this summer? Page through this book from the Museum Store that features a guide to the best restaurants in the state. You might find a few to add to your itinerary!

Keep the kiddos occupied on the journey with these fun, travel-ready art packs. They have everything you need to get creative on the go! All of the supplies are included, along with a guide for artistic techniques.

Pick up some beautiful wooden postcards to send to your loved ones while on your travels. These postcards come with images of iconic artworks on the front, as well as cute birds and some heartfelt messages for the season.

Bring everything you need for your summer vacation in these stunning straw totes! These bags have room for all of the essentials and are perfect for the beach, lake, pool, or wherever else you go. Pick out your favorite shape and pattern at the Museum Store.

Stay Refreshed

Beat the heat with some classic iced tea in these refreshing summer flavors from Piper & Leaf. Whether you prefer fruity, minty, or classic flavors, the Museum Store has a blend for you.

While you stay cool indoors with the air conditioning on, bring in the smells of summer with these candles. These candles are a staple of the Museum Store, but there are a few new scents available that are perfect for the season!

These paper wall hangings are a fun activity and a beautiful decoration in one! The smaller paper animals are another Museum Store staple, but now these larger-scale wall decorations are also in stock. Assembling these d├ęcor pieces is a great way to pass the time this summer, and it doesn’t hurt that they are a lovely, colorful addition to your space!

Summer Reading

Find a Southern read to enjoy this summer! From graphic novel adaptations of Southern classics to fictional thrillers by Southern icons, the options are endless. Next time you visit the Museum Store, make sure to browse the various book shelves on display.

The Museum Store wouldn’t be complete without books about art! Read about the lives of artists like Vincent van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Claude Monet, Georgia O’Keeffe, Henri Matisse, Caravaggio, and more in the lineup pictured above. Add an artsy book to your reading list this summer.