Indulge your inner child at the Museum Store, or stock up on toys for the children in your life. This holiday gift guide focuses on toys and games for all ages.

Games and Activities

You can never have too many sets of playing cards, especially when they come in so many designs! The Museum Store has playing cards year-round, but stocks extra specifically for the holiday season. Keep the kids entertained during school breaks, and invite whole family to join in!

Find games for the groups of all sizes at the Museum Store. Some are classics while others are new favorites. No matter your choice, get ready to have fun!

Have fun while developing skills with these hands-on activities. Assemble whimsical animals and awesome automobiles out of cardboard with these paper animal sets, or practice your favorite tune with a wooden harmonica.

Toys for the Tots

These adorable, knit toys come in all sorts of designs for babies and toddlers to play with. From food and animals to cameras and other objects, the plushy toys are perfect for children aged six months and older.

Though knits shouldn’t get wet, this plastic bubble whisk can. The ultimate bath toy, toddlers can spin the handle to move the whisk and create endless bubbles. The bubble whisk is appropriate for ages 3 and up.

These three sets of wooden toys are made in Germany. The wooden eggs, appropriate for ages 2 to 4 years, make sounds when shaken or twisted. Each color produces a different sound, fostering color recognition and auditory discovery. They are a favorite in Montessori classrooms. The clutching toy, for babies of at least 6 months, is made of wooden spheres threaded on an elastic band. Colored with water-based lacquers, this toy is safe for the mouth and perfect for teething. The rainbow lighthouse stacking game is great fun for one-year-olds. Each piece is a different color of the rainbow, with holes in the bottom and points on top that make them easy to stack. This toy fosters motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while the cheery colors spark interest.

Older Kids Have Fun, Too!

Babies and toddlers aren’t the only ones who benefit from playing with toys. These critter wind-up toys come in all different shapes and sizes, and perform all sorts of fun tricks. Spinney has short legs and bounces around energetically. Pea marches at top speed and can even hop of small obstacles. With a drag of the wheels, Zecar rolls around at a steady pace and can also climb over obstacles. Find these three shapes and many more at the Museum Store.

If wind-up gadgets aren’t your thing, try these magnets. Made from rare earth, neodymium magnets, Speks magnetic balls are a popular desk toy. They are putty, a stress ball, and adult building blocks all in one. Mash the magnets around to relieve stress or get creative by building shapes and objects. The Museum Store has many different colors, gradients, and patterns, so there is a magnet that suits everyone’s tastes.