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Closing Day

A World Within: Art by Women from the Permanent Collection

Sunday, February 26 | 12 – 5 p.m.

Enjoy a last chance to view A World Within: Art by Women from the Permanent Collection.

Utilizing works found within the Museum’s acclaimed permanent collection, A World Within presents a diverse array of art by women that explores a range of media and subject matter with broad variation in style and method.

Traditionally accepted feminine art practices are being embraced, ignored, or transformed, as each artist sees fit, across the spectrum of women’s art. Accordingly, this exhibition examines some of the ways that female artists evolve their chosen mediums, contemplate the world, and represent themselves and other women. Throughout the exhibition there is a subtle duality at play, encompassing both what is portrayed and the imagined world of the artist’s creation. The viewer is thus invited to consider the works on display in a complex way, and to make unexpected connections throughout the galleries.