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A Beautiful Mess: Weavers and Knotters of the Vanguard

Sunday, July 24 | 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

View the Museum’s newest exhibition, A Beautiful Mess: Weavers and Knotters of the Vanguard.

From micro artworks the size of your hand to mammoth room-sized installations, the national roster of women artists in A Beautiful Mess push the boundaries of their textile-based medium. Using rope, yarn, clay and wire, this group of conceptual artists knot and twist their media into sculptures that range from minimal and hyper-organized to utter pandemonium. They explore personal and political ideals — order and chaos to the extreme — and freely break the rules to create their beautiful artworks. Serious about making a strong cultural and intellectual impact, this group deftly weaves their message into works that demonstrate extraordinary technical skill.

Artists include Windy Chien, Kira Dominguez Hultgren, Kirsten Hassenfeld, Dana Hemenway, Dani Lopez, Hannah Perrine Mode, Liz Robb, Katrina Sánchez Standfield, Meghan Shimek, Lisa Solomon and Jacqueline Surdell. Organized by The Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA.

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