Huntsville Photographic Society: 2021 Members’ Showcase

Guild Gallery

May 16 – August 8, 2021

C.T. Chi, Paint by Rainbow, light painting studio shot, f/8, 23sec, ISO200, rear curtain flash

Charles Gattis, Drops Keep Falling, April 14, 2021, Water Drop Photography: Canon 5D mk iv, Color Space RGB, 100mm macro lens, f/11 at 1/200

This annual juried selection of approximately 50 photographs by the highly talented members of the Huntsville Photographic Society will include both color and black and white photography in a range of styles. This year, rather than jurying around a particular theme, the competition is open to allow members to submit their best work in any category. Come see how the photographers included in this exhibition show off their impressive skills!

The Huntsville Photographic Society is an organization dedicated to promoting the art and science of photography in Huntsville and the surrounding area through informative programs, member contests, and special events. The Huntsville Photographic Society Members’ Showcase is an annual exhibition jointly organized by the Huntsville Photographic Society and the Huntsville Museum of Art.