Looking at the Collection: People | Places | Things

Adtran, Jurenko, Thurber & Guild Galleries
November 17, 2018 – February 24, 2019

Since its inception in 1970, the Huntsville Museum of Art has increased its permanent collection from a small handful of founding gifts to nearly 3,200 works of historical and contemporary art in a wide range of media and styles, providing a rich resource held in trust for present and future generations. With the Museum’s expansion in 2010, additional gallery space became available to showcase various aspects of the collection, alongside Museum-organized and nationally traveling shows. Through long-term collections, exhibits like American Studio Glass and Buccellati: A Silver Menagerie, as well as temporary thematic shows like Looking at the Collection: People, Places & Things, the Museum is pleased to have more of an opportunity to showcase its own holdings and share them with members and visitors alike.

People, Places & Things is an eclectic exhibition that combines both traditional and contemporary works in a variety of different media. The show is presented in a straight forward manner, with “People” arranged in the Adtran and Jurenko Galleries, “Places” represented in the Thurber Gallery, and “Things” gathered in the Guild Gallery. Some art-works will be familiar to regular visitors to the Museum, while others have not been displayed for many years. The aim of People, Places & Things is to draw parallels and contrasts between different artistic styles, time frames, and cultures. By changing the usual context for their display, viewers will hopefully discover new and interesting ways to consider the many wonderful treasures found in the Museum’s collection.