Looking at the Collection: SUMMERTIME

Chan Gallery

July 23 – October 7, 2018

Looking at the Collection: Summertime presents works from the Museum’s permanent collection that are inspired by the many facets of this distinctive season,  particularly as it is experienced in the South. Included on display are historical and contemporary works in a wide range of media, encompassing aspects of summer weather, nature in midsummer, and many of the iconic pastimes associated with the season. Stylistically varied, the works in the exhibition range from the energetic abstraction of Kathryn Maxwell’s mixed media print, Tropical Storm II; to the impressionistic, sun-dappled landscape of Mary Ann Pope’s painting, Swamp; to the magic realism of Tim Taunton’s whimsical yet slightly disturbing ceramic sculpture, Fear of Water II.

Other highlights include David Parrish’s photorealist painting, Sunrise, detailing an arrangement of colorful fireworks with their promise of explosive mischief; Martha Walter’s lively watercolor of frolicking sunbathers, At the Beach; Kathryn Tucker Windham’s vintage black and white photograph, What’ll You Have, celebrating the time-honored tradition of the local ice cream parlor; and Reginald Marsh‘s etching, Steeplechase Swings, which captures the excitement of Depression-era thrill seekers on a Coney Island amusement park ride.

With this exhibition, we salute the depth and diversity of the Museum’s permanent collection and thank those donors and artists whose works have enriched our region.