The fall schedule of Museum Academy classes, camps and workshops for students of all ages begins in just a few weeks! Did you know the Museum Store is well stocked in art supplies to prepare you for class? This shopping guide lists some of the many available tools that you can use to hone your artistic skills. Check out the art supplies table and shelves in the store for supplies that suit your interests.

Prepare for Academy classes.

The Museum Academy offers classes in many different art media. Draw with colored pencils or charcoal, paint with watercolor or oil, and create with glass or clay. Whatever you sign up for, the Museum Store has some supplies on hand for you. These charcoals and graphite sets are perfect for students interested in drawing.

In addition to various drawing instruments, the Museum Store has an array of paper pads for your medium of choice. Take your pick of vellum, medium, rough and dual surfaces. The store is equipped to help you prepare for your next class, whether you are just beginning your journey or are replenishing your stock of supplies.

Kids can be artists, too!

The Museum Store has plenty of art supplies that are safe for young children to use. Pick out a set of erasable colored pencils and a sketch pad to get them started. Help them sharpen their pencils and let their creative juices flow!

Have fun with all the colors of the rainbow! The Museum Store has sets of all different drawing utensils: markers, gel pens, crayons and more. Some have fun scents, some have special erasers, and some are made of natural materials. All are safe for budding young artists.