Gala 2020: Ignat Ignatov

Gala 2020 Featured Artist: Ignat Ignatov February 1, 2020 - March 7, 2020 Huth, Boeing, Salmon and Haws Galleries Ignat Ignatov (b. 1978) is a contemporary artist with exemplary talent. His interpretation of the spirit of fine art saturates his paintings with a unique expressive richness. Although each new subject seems to dictate the style [...]

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Encounters: Charles Ladson

Encounters: Charles Ladson   Grisham GalleryFebruary 23 – May 24, 2020   Ladson - Spartan, 32 x 41.5   Encounters: Charles Ladson focuses on the accomplished paintings of this mid-career artist from Macon, GA. Ladson’s works mix conventional aspects of painting like texture, layering, perspective, transparency, and detail — to create images that evoke [...]

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YAM 2020: Exhibition for Youth Art Month

YAM 2020: Exhibition for Youth Art Month Adtran, Jurenko, Thurber, and Women’s Guild GalleriesMarch 15 – April 26, 2020 Youth Art Month is observed nationally each March to emphasize the value of art education for children and to encourage public support for quality school art programs. It is hosted each year in Huntsville by [...]

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American Master Illustrators

American Master Illustrators: N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell   Huth, Boeing, Salmon & Haws Galleries   March 22 – June 21, 2020   Wyeth - "He Never Caught a Thing" Rockwell - "Voting Booth Study" Parrish - "June Skies"   This exclusive exhibition features approximately 35 original works by three of America’s most celebrated and [...]

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Art Deco Glass

Art Deco Glass from the David Huchthausen Collection   Adtran, Jurenko, Thurber & Guild Galleries   May 17 – August 23, 2020   Marius-Ernest Sabino - Groupe de Pantheres, circa 1928-1938, Press-molded opal glass, 5 3/4 x 8 x 3 in. CLA Cristallerie - Lamp with fish, circa 1927-1930, Press-molded glass on fabricated metal [...]

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Hard Earned: The Military Photographs by Stacy Pearsall

Hard Earned: The Military Photographs by Stacy Pearsall and the Veteran’s Portrait Project   Chan Gallery   June 7 – September 27, 2020     Robin Robinson, Army E-5 Logistics and Procurement 1977-1991, Gulf War, Multi-National Forces Egypt Veterans Portrait Project, Louisville, KY VFW Convention (Photos by Stacy L. Pearsall) U.S. Army 2nd Lt. [...]

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The Red Clay Survey

The Red Clay Survey: 2020  Exhibition of Contemporary Southern Art   Huth, Boeing, Salmon, Haws & Chan Galleries Entries will be accepted March 4 - April 15   July 12 – October 4, 2020 Click to view Red Clay Survey Prospectus     The Red Clay Survey is a major recurring regional competition sponsored by the Huntsville Museum [...]

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Huntsville Photographic Society: 2020 Members’ Showcase

Huntsville Photographic Society: 2020 Members’ Showcase Guild Gallery September 13 – November 29, 2020 An annual juried selection of approximately 50 outstanding photographs by members of the Huntsville Photographic Society, founded in 1964 to promote the art and science of photography in Huntsville and surrounding areas through informative programs, member contests, and special events. This [...]

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