Stephen Paul Day – “Dreamer”, 2019 bronze, steel, 31 x 43 x 14 in.

The Huntsville Museum of Art continues to spotlight contemporary art with the latest installment of the Connections exhibition series. Featuring the works of Stephen Paul Day and Sibylle Peretti, the pieces reference childhood and nature to symbolize innocence and fragility.

The exhibition centers around two sculptures of sleeping children titled Snow Child III and Dreamer. In an interview with HMA’s Director of Curatorial Affairs, Peter J. Baldaia, Day states that they have similar themes and stories behind them.

“Both children are guarded by flocks of birds. The stories behind them are ultimately about death, but also coming alive again. It’s that age-old phoenix idea,” Day said.

In the same interview, Peretti says that she uses scenes from the natural world to represent a spiritual connection to the land. She says the theme can be found throughout her works.

“I consider these to be spaces of emotion, memory and solitude that also underscore our fragile connection to nature. Much of my work explores our disrupted relationship to nature and our yearning to achieve unity with the natural world,” Peretti said.

In introducing the exhibition, Baldaia writes that the works appear whimsical, but convey a strong psychological narrative. He says many viewers will connect with the exhibition.

“I think the upcoming exhibition will be fascinating for viewers,” remarked Baldaia. “It relates in many ways to what’s happening in popular culture at this moment, with such an emphasis on storytelling through myth, fairy tales, and looking back in time — all expressed with a distinctive Gothic edge.”

Connections will be displayed in the Grisham Gallery through Feb. 9. The exhibition is free to view for members and is included in the price of admission for non-members. Visit our website at or call 256-535-4350 for additional information on hours and admission.