Happy wedding week to Allie and Teddy! As part of our countdown to their wedding this weekend, we are sharing their story.

The first spark:

How did you meet?

Allie and Teddy met online. They were both nervous about meeting people online, but decided to try it out. After a few days of talking, they met up at a local restaurant in Nashville. They bonded over their love for food and cooking and quickly became inseparable. Here they are three and a half years later!

The adventure begins:

How did the proposal happen?

Teddy used to live by the Bicentennial State Park in Nashville. The couple often went to the park because of the nearby farmer’s market. On the day of the proposal, Teddy asked Allie if she wanted to meet for drinks with one of his friends. They started heading to his friend’s place when Teddy asked if they could stop to look at some of the new plants at the farmer’s market. They looked at the plants for a short while, and then Teddy had the idea to walk through the park to view a new monument. Little did Allie know that there was not a new monument! She looked around for it until she turned and saw Teddy nervously checking his phone. She also noticed two girls taking pictures nearby and realized Teddy was in the background of their pictures, so she frantically told him to move to get out of their way. He simply smiled and got down on one knee. The girls were there to photograph the proposal, and it was the best surprise Allie could have asked for!

Plans are made:

Why did you choose the Huntsville Museum of Art for your wedding event?

Allie grew up in Huntsville. She always admired how beautiful the Museum was and how much they do for the community. When touring different places to have a wedding reception, the Museum was the couple’s last stop of the day. Allie was hesitant to have the reception at the Museum because she had been to a few other weddings there and was hoping to do something different. Nevertheless, they went on the tour and learned that their guests could walk through the galleries on their way down to the reception area. Almost immediately, their decision became an easy one!

A moment to last a lifetime:

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

Teddy and Allie have been talking about their wedding day for so long and can hardly believe it is almost here! They are most looking forward to spending the day surrounded by all of their friends and family. Their loved ones have done so much for Allie and Teddy, and the couple are so thankful. They are also looking forward to starting their marriage with a honeymoon in Antigua!

a collage of four images of the couple from their engagement

Meet the dream team:

Bakery – Edgar’s Bakery
Caterer – Catering by Narvell
Photography – Penni Lauren Photography
Hair and Makeup – Morgan
Wedding Dress – The Bride Room
Groom’s Attire – Men’s Warehouse
Band – Loose Chain
Décor and Rentals – Shindigs and Such & Mullins Special Occassions
Florist – Buckets and Blooms
Invitations – The Topiary Tree

The Huntsville Museum of Art has multiple spaces available to help make your big day a special one. We want you to have a perfect day that you will remember forever. Contact our Director of Special Events to start planning your happily ever after!