Photo Courtesy of Twenty Oaks Photography

After saying ‘I do’ at the First Baptist Church of Huntsville, Chaney and Brandon Gower celebrated their wedding at the Huntsville Museum of Art. Despite the rainy day, the happy couple were able to have the perfect day with friends and family.

Meet the Gowers

Photo Courtesy of Twenty Oaks Photography

The first spark:


How did you meet?

We met through a mutual friend in college in 2015. We went on our first date shortly after our introduction and have been together ever since!

The Adventure begins:

How did he propose?

Brandon planned an evening for us to go to Burrit on the Mountain for their annual Cocktails at The View. We had talked about going to year prior but never got the chance. He had been planning many dinner dates and fun activities over the last few months so I was not suspicious of this at all! We arrived at Burritt and had a glass of wine. We were looking out over the city when he got down on one knee and popped the question. I then realized that Brandon coordinated this with the staff and hired a photographer to capture this special moment. Afterwards, we got to walk around the mountain and take beautiful pictures with the photographer. I was so surprised to see our families waiting back at The View when we returned from pictures, he knew this was important to me and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Photos Courtesy of Twenty Oaks Photography

Plans are made:


Why did you choose the Huntsville Museum of Art?

We chose the Huntsville Museum of Art because of its prime location in the city, a gorgeous view of the park and many large spaces to choose from.

A moment to last a lifetime:


What was your favorite memory/detail from your wedding day?

Our favorite memory from our wedding day was the dancing! We had so much fun on the dance floor with all our friends and family.

A venue to remember:


What was your favorite part of having your wedding event at the Huntsville Museum of Art?

There are many things we loved about having our wedding reception at the Huntsville Museum of Art! We got to eat our first meal as a married couple alone in a private room which gave us a moment to breath and take in the night! Our plates and drinks were already prepared at the table which gave us time to relax and enjoy our time together. We also loved that Jennifer was so kind to open up the Museum for us to take photographs. Our initial plan was to take sunset photos outside however, it was raining. Getting to take pictures in the museum was breathtaking and has given us photographs that are so unique and timeless.

Photos Courtesy of Twenty Oaks Photography.

Multiple spaces are available at the Museum to help make your big day special. We want you to have a perfect day that you will remember forever. Contact our Director of Special Events to start planning your happily ever after today!
All images courtesy of Twenty Oaks Photography.

Photo courtesy of Twenty Oaks Photography