Happy wedding week to Landon and Chris! After years of visiting our galleries with her grandma, Landon is excited to make more special memories at the Museum. As part of our countdown to their special day this weekend, we are sharing their story.

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The first spark:

How did you meet?

Chris and Landon went to the same high school, though Chris was a grade older. The two never talked or hung out while in school, but after graduation, they kept in touch over social media. Over a year later, they reconnected. They became best friends instantly and have been inseparable ever since. About a month later, they began dating.

The adventure begins:

How did the proposal happen?

Landon grew up walking the Green Mountain Nature Trail in Huntsville. Chris had never been, so he planned a day of hiking to enjoy the nice weather. While walking the trail, they used the self-timer on Chris’ phone to take some cute and goofy pictures. The couple hiked to an opening in the trail where the trees had parted for a perfect view of the water. In this picture-perfect location, Chris pulled out his phone, propped it up on a bench, and sneakily set the camera to record a video. They posed for another “picture” and then hopped off the wooden plank they were standing on. Landon had turned around, so she didn’t notice when Chris bent down on one knee. When she turned back to face him, she was shocked. Seeing him on one knee, holding a ring, Landon began shaking and crying tears of joy. After a scenic outdoor proposal, Chris had another surprise in store. He took Landon to visit her MawMaw in her assisted living home. Due to the pandemic, they had to be separated by glass and could only talk through a phone, but Landon appreciated the visit nonetheless. Chris snapped the most memorable pictures of them crying together and reacting to the ring. Landon’s MawMaw means everything to her and she thinks Chris outdid himself with the surprise. To end an eventful day, the couple went home to prepare for a celebration at her parents’ house. Walking in the front door and feeling the love from their family members was incredible.

Plans are made:

Why did you choose the Huntsville Museum of Art for your wedding event?

Landon’s MawMaw would take her to the Museum to see all of the new art exhibits as a young girl, up until a few years ago. The bride genuinely enjoyed each visit and always looked forward to a sweet treat from Baskin Robbins afterwards. When her MawMaw could no longer drive, Landon decided it was her turn to take them so they could keep the tradition going. The Huntsville Museum of Art is a place she holds dear to her heart because it houses such precious memories of quality time with her MawMaw. Landon looks forward to sharing all of the pictures with MawMaw and showing her the wedding dress.

A moment to last a lifetime:

What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

Chris and Landon are looking forward to being surrounded by so many people who truly care about them. Throughout their whole engagement, Landon has been in awe of how many friends and family put in effort to celebrate them. It means the world to them.

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a row of black dots to separate sections of the blog post

Meet the dream team:

Bakery – Sweet T’s Cakes
Catering – Bubbas Silver Spoon Catering
Photography – Dennis Keim, dK Studio Photography
Videographer – Genevieve Bonodonna
Florist – Mae Designs
Rentals – AllNeedz Rentals
Projection – Metropolitan
Band – Just a Few Cats

The Huntsville Museum of Art has multiple spaces available to help make your big day as special as possible. We want you to have a perfect day that you will remember forever. Contact our Director of Special Events to start planning your happily ever after!