Meet the artists featured in the exhibition, The World of Frida, organized by the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA. Every other week we will highlight a few of the artists included in the exhibition. The 95 international artists featured in The World of Frida have reinterpreted many aspects of Frida Kahlo’s life in an array of media — from honoring her self-portraits, to depicting her love affair with Diego Rivera, to recognizing her emotional, physical, professional and societal struggles. This exhibition is an incredible tribute to an artist who continues to influence millions by the simple fact that she was always true to herself, no matter the cost.

Kim Bagwill

Los Angeles, CA

Kim Bagwill, Young Frida, 2018, oil on panel, 25.5 x 25.5 in.

Born in rural Illinois, Kim Bagwill received her degree in painting from Bradley University. She is inspired by vintage photographs, and finds them everywhere from flea markets to thrift stores to her family’s old photo albums.

Bagwill is also known as The Frantic Meerkat, designing cards, magnets and more with her husband, Matt Adrian (aka The Mincing Mockingbird).

She now lives in Joshua Tree and Los Angeles with her husband.

Claudia Blanco

Bay Area, CA

Claudia Blanco, 8-Bit Frida, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18 in.

Know as her pseudonym, KLAWD, Blanco is a self-taught artist born in Netzahualcoyotl, a city adjacent to the northeast of Mexico City. She aims to pay homage to her homeland through her colorful paintings, as well as incorporating tech elements. Taking style inspiration from one of her favorite artist, Chuck Close, she uses grids to create pixelated portraits and graphic line works. Claudia hopes to experiment with different mediums and styles to engage and connect with the public.

Kerstin Bruchäuser

Hamburg, Germany

Kerstin Bruchhäuser, Larger Than Life (Frida Kahlo), 2018, applique and embroidery with cotton, linen, leather and silk thread on cotton gauze, 105 x 65 in.

Kerstin Bruchhäuser is a textile artist based in Hamburg, Germany. From 1999 to 2005, she studied illustration and communication design at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW). This was also when she started creating her first textile images. She then lived in Los Angeles from 2005 to 2007. Her time there had a great influence on her textile, artistic work. In 2009, she began a doctorate degree in art and design at Weimar’s Bauhaus University, which she completed with a PhD. Her thesis was on the topic “Text on Used Textiles in Contemporary Art.” Since 2014, Bruchhäuser has been a lecturer for textile design at HAW Hamburg.

Jamie Burnside

Santa Monica, CA

Jamie Burnside, Defiant Deer, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 31.5 x 16.5 in.

Burnside captured the mystical element of Kahlo’s work as well as her fascination with self portraits reflecting life experience.

Artist Statement

Defiant Deer is supposed to turn the pain in Frida’s paintings on its head, creating the image of Frida as a warrior.