Be prepared for the new season! The Museum Store offers unique items from places as far away as Madagascar and as close as Fort Payne, Alabama.

Stay sheltered from the rain.

two umbrellas lying on the grass, one black with a white dog and one blue with a red dog. The black umbrella is open and resting on the sidewalk. Next to the black umbrella is the blue umbrella, which is closed up and lying in front.

These dog umbrellas are the cutest way to stay sheltered from the rain! Show your love for your furry friend while keeping dry from the storms. You can find umbrellas featuring everything from a Dachshund to a French Bulldog at the Museum Store. Umbrellas aren’t the only items available for dog – or cat – lovers. The Museum Store offers collars and other accessories for when you take your pet on a walk to enjoy the crisp, autumn air.

Transition your wardrobe and accessories.

A navy and cream block striped Shebobo bag is lying on the wood floor with a navy and white pinstriped makeup bag placed inside it.

Straw bags are typically a warmer weather staple, but these bags from Shebobo come in shades that are perfect for the seasonal transition. Shebobo products are handcrafted in Madagascar and made from all natural fibers such as raffia and sisal. The fibers are then dyed by hand and woven with a 100-year-old technique. The Museum Store offers three different sizes of these straw bags. Whether you are looking for a large shopping bag, a purse or a cosmetic bag, you can find the right fit for you.

Stock up on cozy socks for the impending cold weather.

Three pairs of Curator socks lay on a table. The left pair has a pattern inspired by Klee's "Auf Kalt-Warm," the middle is inspired by Munch's "The Scream," and the right is inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night."

Stock up on fun, cozy socks to keep your feet warm in the coming months! If you like fun, colorful socks that show your personality, be sure to check out these socks inspired by iconic works of art. You can take your favorite painting with you everywhere! If you simply want ultimate warmth and comfort, try a pair from zkano. zkano is based in Fort Payne, Alabama. Their products are made from organic cotton that is grown, spun and dyed here in the United States. These socks feature a reinforced heel and toe to protect from wear and tear and a seamless toe to prevent discomfort. Whatever your style, the Museum Store has socks that will last you throughout the season.

Be safe and stylish!

   Printed masks of all colors and patterns lay beside and on top of each other in the shape of a circle on top of a table.

With COVID-19 safety precautions in place, the Huntsville Museum of Art requires that all visitors wear a face mask. The Museum Store offers masks that are hand-embroidered and block printed in many beautiful patterns. You can be safe and stylish! With so many different designs available, there is something for everyone. Plus, mask necklaces are coming soon to the Museum Store. The beaded chain of the necklace clips onto your face mask to keep it safely around your neck but can also be worn alone as a necklace or bracelet. Keep an eye out for this handy accessory!

Cuddle up with a new, plushy friend.

Cuddle up with a new plush doll this fall! These lovable toys come in all shapes and sizes, from elephant prince to ballerina pig. Find your new fuzzy friend at the Museum Store and get ready to cozy up under a blanket together to escape the chill.