A new season is upon us! The Museum Store is fully stocked with bold and fun goodies to welcome the spring season. Read along for a highlight of the featured items this spring.

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.

With all of the beautiful flowers coming into bloom, you might need somewhere to put your fresh picks! The Museum store has a variety of vases in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. There is sure to be one that suits your style.

These floral picture frames are the perfect way to display photos of your loved ones. The frame on the left depicts Charles E. Burchfield’s Dogwood, a very relevant print for this time of year. The Museum Store also carries a frame printed with Van Gogh’s Irises. You can also find this iconic work on a range of other items, such as a covered mug, an apron, and a tray.

One of the many puzzle designs in the Museum Store is this flower puzzle. Unlike most puzzles, this one is not shaped like a typical rectangle. Challenge yourself with this unique shape in such a beautiful design!

Enjoy spring mornings with these illustrated mugs! With colorful florals and uplifting messages, they will start your day off the right way. The touch of gold makes them feel even more like a special treat.

These stud earrings are inspired by nature and come in a variety of colors. For every set sold, a tree is planted in support of reforestation. Add a small, floral touch to your day and help fund future spring seasons at the same time!

Enjoy the outdoors.

We all know how unpredictable Alabama weather can be! Stay prepared with one of these art-inspired umbrellas. Printed with iconic and fan-favorite works of art, these umbrellas expand to protect you from afternoon showers and easily close back up to be packed away when the rain has passed. Take your pick of designs at the Museum Store.

3 flower growing kits: forget-me-not on top of poppy (left) and lavender (right)

Develop your green thumb with these flower kits. Choose between a few different seeds and get started with the self-watering container. Spring is the perfect time to start your garden. Not into flowers? The Museum Store also carries herb kits!

two plastic reusable water bottles, the left is yellow with math drawings and the right is green with chemistry drawings

Stay hydrated during your outdoor adventures this season with these water bottles. With math and chemistry-themed designs, they are perfect for our local Huntsvillians! Pick one up at the Museum Store and ensure you get enough water in the Alabama heat.

Bring the outside in with these paper bugs! Build your very own 3-D object made of recycled cardboard. Pick between a variety of insects, birds and other animals. Each figurine comes with a hanging attachment so that it can be displayed up on the wall as a cute and colorful decoration.

a box of 12 chalk crayons

During YAM 2021: Exhibition for Youth Art Month, all art supplies at the Museum Store are on sale, including these chalk crayons. Drawing with sidewalk chalk is a great way to get creative outside and is fun for people of all ages. Take advantage of the sale and stock up on art supplies for the spring and summer seasons.

Refresh your wardrobe for spring.

a big straw tote bag with mint green polka dots a big straw tote bag with a color blocking effect of royal blue on the bottom half a medium woven straw bag with orange and pink stripes, and a pink pom pom attachment on the handle

The Museum Store has restocked the supply of Shebobo bags, adding new designs and patterns to choose from this spring season. Say goodbye to the dark, block-printed bags and and hello to bright stripes and polka dots! These bags come in all shapes and sizes, with inner drawstring closures and plenty of room for storing everyday needs. Check out the wide range of straw bags at the Museum Store now!

two straw hats: one with a wide brim, flipped up on one side, resting on top of another hat that is taller with a narrower brim and a bow

Protect yourself from the sun with these neutral straw hats. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit everyone. From tall and narrow to short with a wide brim, these hats are both practical and pretty.

two silk scarves on either side of a small pillow holding 3 silk scrunchies

Silk accessories are a cute trend this year. Add a patterned silk scrunchie to your updo to dress it up. Tie a silk scarf around your neck, through your beltloop, or on the strap of your bag. However you style it, the Museum Store has a silk accessory for you.

two beaded clutches, one striped and one patterned like a rainbow

Brighten up your spring wardrobe with these multicolor beaded clutches. Available in many designs, from rainbow to camouflage, these purses are the perfect size for extra storage. Carry one on its own for a pop of color or store it within a bigger bag for helpful organization.