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Summer is here! The Museum Store is prepared to help you discover new and fun ways to celebrate the season. Read along to learn about the featured items this summer.

Picnic in the Park

a collection of items for a picnic: a blue straw hat, a big straw bag, a small gingham straw bag, a floral tea towel, and two pairs of Eat My Socks brand socks in a croissant shape and a camembert cheese shape

A detail image of just the blue and white floral tea towel in between the camembert socks and the croissant socks

With Big Spring Park in the Museum’s backyard, the Museum Store is the perfect place to pick up picnic supplies! Find straw hats to shield your eyes and face from the sun along with straw bags of all sizes to pack everything you need. Choose from a variety of patterned tea towels to lay on the grass or layer with your picnic blanket, and then bring the snacks home with you by wearing a fun pair of socks inspired by your favorite foods.

Inspired by Art

a collection of art-inspired items: a color swatch art print, a t-shirt inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa and Big Spring Park, a build-your-own cardboard 3D butterfly, some colored pencils, and a colorful set of wooden spheres

It would not be a Museum Store without art-inspired items! Bring color into your home with a paint swatch art print or a sculptural set of wooden spheres. Get creative by building 3-D cardboard animals or testing out new art supplies. Bring together your love of art and the city of Huntsville with a new t-shirt from Huntsvillustrated that combines The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai and the iconic red bridge in Big Spring Park.

Summer Reading

a detailed image with one book, one pair of reading glasses and a bookmark from The Snail on the Wall.

The Museum Store stocks books of all genres for readers of all ages, from educational and inspiring books for kids to trending titles from The Snail on the Wall, a local online independent bookstore. You can even find essential reading accessories, such as a pair of reading glasses or a new mug. Whatever you need to beat your summer reading goal, you can find it at the Museum Store.

Local Faves

a collection of items from local businesses: candles from South candles, a puzzle in the state of Alabama, tea from Piper & Leaf, a mug from Rocket City Apparel, socks from zkano, skincare from 1818 farms, and a diffuser from South and Pine

a close-up on three items from the previous collection: the diffuser, the boy lotion, and a tea bag

The Museum Store is always honored to help you support local businesses. Stay hydrated and refreshed this summer with tea from Piper & Leaf, body care from 1818 Farms, room diffusers from South and Pine, and scented candles from South Candle. Take home a Huntsville-themed mug from Rocket City Apparel Co. or an Alabama-themed puzzle, and pick out a pair of summery socks from zkano. These are just a few of the local business that the Museum Store carries, so stop by this summer to start shopping!

Game Night

a collection of game night-related items: a trivia game, puzzles, dice and card game kits, and drinking glasses

a close-up of the previous collection: a dog puzzle, a mini puzzle, and a compliments card game

When the sun goes down and it’s time for game night, make sure you are prepared with games and activities from the Museum Store. Pick from boxed sets of card and dice games, or tackle a new puzzle from a variety of designs and sizes. Additionally, no game night is complete without a drink of some sort! Spice it up by sipping from a fun cup, like these industrial and space-themed tumblers and glasses.