The holidays are almost here! If you are looking for little things to fill a stocking, check out the Museum Store at the Huntsville Museum of Art. There is a cart full of stocking stuffers for easy shopping, but there are other small treasures to be found around the store.

Fun and games.

Grab a classic card game for the whole family to play from the stocking stuffer cart at the Museum Store! These games are appropriate for ages five and up and are a great addition to your game cabinet. The Museum Store also has puzzles and coloring books to cure boredom over winter break.

Represent the Rocket City with these out-of-this-world keychains. Featuring a string doll design, the keychains are fair trade and handmade in Thailand. Choose from different spacecraft, an astronaut, and even an adorable spacechimp!

These mini brain teasers are fun puzzles to solve in your free time. Move the little balls through the obstacles again and again. They make great fidget toys and are a fun source of mental exercise!

Get creative.

Create a beautiful wall hanging with these paper animals from the Museum Store. Choose between different insects and birds in varying sizes. The animals are made of recycled cardboard. Once you assemble the pieces into the three-dimensional figure, you can display it on your wall as a colorful decoration!

Channel Bob Ross with these paint-by-number and puzzle kits. The paint kit includes three numbered canvases, seven paint pots, a mini brush and easel, and a book about Bob Ross. The puzzle kit comes with two small puzzles, both made of 180 pieces, and a mini flipbook about Bob Ross. Give a gift that inspires creativity!

For the writers in your life, pick up fun and unique pens from the Museum Store. The multi-tool pen comes in many colors and features a mini level, four different rulers, two mini screwdrivers, a stylus, and a ballpoint tip. Another fun ballpoint pen is designed to look like tubes of paint. It comes in four different ink colors. The Museum Store also stocks pens that small like delicious sweets! You can find cookie, cupcake, and donuts scents to fill a stocking.

Do you know someone who likes making lists? (Other than Santa, of course.) Give them this little notebook with a motivational message. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing an item off your to-do list!

Sweet treats.

The Museum Store always has yummy treats on hand for guests to enjoy. These chocolate-covered pretzels come in a few flavors: toffee, peppermint, and salted caramel. If chocolate is not your thing, try some tubs of candy. There are cupcake bites, rainbow lace, and confetti gum drops. Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of these treats in your stocking.

These candles are inspired by classic cocktails. They come in mimosa, Manhattan, mojito, Cosmopolitan, and margarita scents. The mini size is perfect for filling a stocking and the candles smell just as delicious as the real thing!

Add a fun element to your bath with these bath fizzers. Shaped like donuts, they smell sweet and sugary. As you run your bath, add a fizzer, let it dissolve, and get ready to soak! Encourage relaxation and self care with this stocking stuffer.