Encounters: Greely Myatt

Encounters: Greely Myatt

Grisham Gallery

June 6 – August 29, 2021 

Presentation, 2 pm, Sunday, June 6
Access to opening presentation included with admission. 

Greely Myatt, The Gang, 2019, wood, stone, metal, 30 x 132 x 11 in.

Greely Myatt, Mark, 2017, steel, pine, air, 120 x 144 x 36 in.

Greely Myatt is widely recognized for his whimsical sculptural objects and monumental installations made from found materials like flooring, neon lights, metal scraps, and discarded signage scavenged from the greater Memphis area. Engaging with surrealism, pop, folk, and outsider art, he has developed a compelling visual language of reimagined but recognizable forms, often reinterpreting literal motifs like comic strips and speech bubbles in his works. In addition to found materials, Myatt also incorporates elements like plants, quilts, and rugs into his pieces to reference his Mississippi childhood, setting them against abstract elements such as light, air, and negative space to spark a visual and mental dialogue. 

Myatt was born in Mississippi and is based in Memphis, TN. He received his MFA from the University of Mississippi and his BFA from Delta State University, and is a long-time professor of art at The University of Memphis. Organized by HMA.

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